B&B Al Teatro - Via Guaccimanni, 38 - 48121 Ravenna - Italy - Mobile: +39 348 7083867 - Email: info@bbalteatroravenna.com

Where we are

Bed & Breakfast Al Teatro is located in the historical center of Ravenna, in via Guaccimanni n.38 (rear entrance from Largo Firenze n.16).

Our contacts:
E-mail: info@bbalteatroravenna.com
Mobile: +39 348 70 83 867
Fax: +39 0544 188 10 11
Skype: bbalteatroravenna



mappaENTo avoid a fine and the restricted traffic area which encompasses part of Via Guaccimanni, you must take Via Giovanni Pascoli, until the 3rd left onto Via Tombesi Dall’Ova, then continue and take the first right onto Via Marco Dente, continue straight until Piazzetta Padre Severino Ragazzini / Largo Firenze. There, in the parking lot Largo Firenze n. 16 you will see the rear entrance of B&B Al Teatro.



11 minutes from San Vitale, Galla Placidia (Unesco world heritage) and National Museum

4 minutes from Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo (Unesco world heritage)

6 minutes from Arian Baptistery (Unesco world heritage)

6 minutes from Neonian Baptistery (Unesco world heritage)

6 minutes from Archiepiscopal Museum and Cappella di Sant’Andrea (Unesco world heritage)

5 minutes from TAMO Museum – All the Adventure of Mosaic

10 minutes from Domus of the Stone Carpets

4 minutes from Dante’s tomb and Dante’s Museum

3 minutes from Rasponi Crypt and Roof Gardens of “Provincia” Palace

3 minutes from Basilica di San Francesco

8 minutes from MAR – City Art Museum

5 minutes from Dante Alighieri Theatre

5 minutes from Piazza del Popolo

5 minutes from Classense Library

10 minutes from the railway station

2 minutes from the Tourist Information Office